“Where Did The Time Go?”

blog_thomasbday_invitationHow did 10 years fly by so quickly? I can vividly remember this day 2003 like it was yesterday. From the 4:45 nudge to my husband and my “It’s Time” to his response “Well this is quite an extraordinary moment”. I remember getting up, taking a shower, cleaning the house, (must have a clean house when I leave..) calling my mom and dad and heading to the hospital. I also vividly remember the nurses saying “any minute” for hours and hours on end until 5:46 pm when Thomas finally arrived.  I remember my good girlfriends coming to visit one exclaiming “Now you are a family”. I remember the hours in the hospital seemed endless and wanting to go home.

I dressed Thomas in a 3 piece Ralph Lauren outfit 0-3 months which might as well have been 12-18 months given how big it was on his little 6lb 14 oz body. After an excruciating 15 minutes of dressing him, Thomas crying, me sweating the nurse coming in to say that I had to undress him because he hadn’t been checked out yet. I recall analyzing my “real” jeans and realizing quickly that I was going home in maternity pants (a big disappointment!). I remember finally being able to leave after our check out and my husband and I looking at the discharge nurse in total bewilderment when she thought we were capable of putting Thomas in his car seat. We had no idea, not one clue how to get him strapped in. I remember thinking “We have no idea what we are doing, how can these people let us leave the hospital with this baby?” I remember arriving home and spending the day starting at him. We so fit the stereotype of new parents, we measure formula, we fed on a schedule, we wrote everything down. We jumped up as soon as Thomas made a peep. We can look back now and laugh at our inexperience! It’s hard to believe that was ten years ago and yet I remember every detail.

And today, I am finalizing the birthday celebration for this beautiful boy who reached double digits and turned 10! Wait till you see what we have in store for his party. Some great ideas and we are incorporating some of our new products. We will share everything with you in hopes you can find some good ideas for your next celebration.


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