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Choosing a favorite product and image is like choosing a favorite child for me. I love them all and hate to play favorites but…. the calendar is always on the top of my list – just dont tell the other products. What can I say, I just love to choose the images for this desktop calendar. I go through multiple versions to see what looks best. I want an image that represents the activities and events  for each month and must consider how they look together from a flow and color perspective. Next comes a few go ’rounds with the glitter. I experiment with placement and color. You know me, it has to be just right!!

Last night I finished the final (really final) version for 2014 and I know I always say this but… it might be the best one yet. I just was thrilled with the way it turned out and the way each image came to life in its own way as I applied the glitter by hand.

We hope you love it too. Remember, you can choose our 2014 HPD version or one of the other Collections we offer including:

or choose any 12 images to make you own. The possibilities are endless!

PS. Still getting adjusted to my new mac and iphoto so the photos a a bit inconsistent. sorry about that.

blog_2014_cal_2ndhalf2 blog_2014cal_april blog_2014cal_jan blog_2014cal_multi blog_2014_calmarch blog_2014calendar_first6

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