This Side of 40

kris_cake2kris_cake3Today is my birthday. I am 42. Yep, “this” side of 40. I am officially the age I use to think was old. Ya know someone w. kids but not babies, kids in grade school. Old. One of my friends just told me 42 is the new 30. I am not sure I am buying that. What I do know to be true is that at 40 you have a better sense of yourself. I am more accepting and less judgmental of myself. (“it is what it is” attitude!) I know that I will never be the richest, thinnest, smartest or prettiest but I accept who I am and embrace what mom always said “do the best you can with what you got” and so I do and I am finally ok with that. I guess that’s one good thing that “this” side of 40 has to offer.

I think this photo is a very good example of the acceptance at 40 plus. It was taken just a few weeks ago at my son  Thomas’ 10th birthday party. I am a sucker for a good Dunkin’ Hines yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I had been looking forward to having a piece all week. What I didn’t expect was my friend to take this photo and capture my one moment of weakness forever! Now what that said, every time I look at the photo or even think about it I must laugh. It’s really embarrassing and just funny. So if enjoying life is what 40 plus has to offer, sign me up! I’m in!

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