Technical Difficulties

A million apologies for not posting a blog over the last few weeks or has it been months? The summer was a complete world wind of travel and company.

The hiatus started when my PC got a virus and my beloved blackberry was needed by the Smithsonian Museum to be part of one of their ancient artifacts collection. I reluctantly made a trip to the Apple Store to see if I could transform myself into a Mac Girl. What can I say? I dont want to upset any Mac cult fans but I am not sure I really get the allure.

It’s been a big adjustment. I dont adapt well to change. My 7th grade English teacher wrote that on my report card. (let’s just say the apple doesnt fall far from the tree and compartively speaking with some members of my family who will remain nameless, I appear quite adapatable.) With that said, I will continue to work on being more technically literate and see if through my 1:1 lessons I can figure this thing out.

I missed writing my blog but must admit I enjoyed having an extra hour plus in my day. Hope you had a great summer and are getting ready for fall!

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