October Gourmet Club – The Barefoot Contessa


blog_lemonbars_bcI must admit I loved October Gourmet Club. We choose the theme of selecting recipes from The Barefoot Contessa and since you literally can’t go wrong with her recipes, the dinner and dessets did not disappoint. There were a few highlights. First, (it doesnt take much) I was quite proud of myself for finding a Cosmopolitan recipe in one of her books and adding a delicious signature drink to the evening. Second who knew my friend KB was such a great baker. Can you believe these desserts she made? They look like they are right out of the photos in the cookbooks! So tempting even I had two cupcakes. Yum!

A book label in a Barefoot Contessa Cookbook is a must. I use the “belongs to” loosely as they really belong to my husband!



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