blog_halloweencandybagblog_halloween_candybarsblog_halloween_ge_all2blog_halloween_6!HPD_Halloween_tagIf you have been reading my blog  for a while, then you may recall, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I think probably because growing up, my mom went to great lengths to make my sister, Meri, and I elaborate homemade costumes.  Today, great costumes are a dime a dozen but in the 70s and 80s there were limited options. Outside of one homemade, the only store bought options were the ones that had the plastic “dress/outfit” that tied in the back with the plastic mask. They came in a small flat box with a clear window on the lid. They were stacked a mile high at Caldor and CVS. Remember?

Truthfully speaking I still love to think about a great costume. We are headed to a big party on Oct 26th and my mind is spinning w. ideas but my happiness is now centered around giving great treats to the kids in the neighborhood. My goal is always to be the “best house” and I revel in the positive feedback.  Above are a here a few ideas to ensure you delight the kids in your neighborhood.

Just for fun here are a few  of the costumes my mom, “Marmee”,  made for my boys. If I had  a better handle on iphoto I would have posted more!



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