Double Digits


It’s hard to believe that one on the inspirations behind Hampton Paper Designs is turning 10 this year. It seems like yesterday I was anxiously awaiting his arrival.  I vividly remember Mother’s day, May 11, 2003 my due date sitting outside in an XXL pink T-Shirt from Old Navy (you know the ones you buy and think “wow, that’s huge, it will never fit me” only to find at the end of your pregnancy not only does it fit but it is in fact a bit snug!) reading a book and waiting, and waiting and waiting. After  all, I had nothing planned that day I was expecting (no pun intended) that I would be at the hospital having a baby!

Three days later, Thomas decide it was time to join us and graced us with his presence. Now, 10 years later we are planning a party to celebrate this big milestone. When I think about how much he has changed what he has accomplished I am filled with excitement and hope for him for the next 10 years.  I am sure they will fly by. As I reflect on this photo, taken by Tina Bazala, at about 6 weeks old I can see that look of determination that he carries with him daily. (so evident in him even back then). Its the one word that reflects his personality best.

While its only April, I need all the time possible to start planning this big celebration. I received a photo of the new image for his pool party. I am giddy with excitement to get to work. A big birthday deserves a big celebration! Stay tuned for details.


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