Delighted on United?


I rarely hear anyone say anything nice about United Airlines. I may be the first. Traveling home from a 10 day trip to San Francisco I was delighted to see that I had my very own TV/Movie screen located on the headrest in front of me. I haven’t ever flown on a United flight with this feature. I must say, the flight flew by ( no pun intended). I watched two movies, Playing for Keeps (terrible) and Argo (amazing! Even dressed in late 70s to early 80s attire, Ben Affleck looks incredible)!

In addition to these movies, I was able to watch episodes of my new favorite TV shows, Scandal. I am not just promoting this because creator,  Shondra Rimes is a Hampton Paper Designs fan but this is the type of show which reminds you of why we love a good drama! Twist and turns, plotting at its best, I am totally addicted! It’s on tonight, Thrs at 10:00 EST on ABC. I have missed a number of episodes because its on so late (way past my bed time) and even when I record it, I seldom find enough time to watch. Sooooo I was very delighted to have enough time to watch on my United flight yesterday.

Thank you United and keep up the good work!  If you haven’t tuned in to Scandal yet, give it a try. I bet you will be addicted too!

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