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It’s difficult for me to grasp the fact that an entire year has gone by and my youngest son, Jackson has completed Kindergarten. Seems like yesterday I was working on the Back to School Party for the class of 2025. Kingergarten graduation is such a big milestone and I am so proud. I look back on this little guy, and am amazed at the changes in only one year. I felt it necessary to celebrate the end of the school year with a big party as I wanted the kids to have a fond memory of how they celebrated the last day. While I threw this party together last minute, I knew there would still be high expectations from my friends kids. A heard rumblings of a few kids who were willing to skip gymnastics and postpone the trip to the beach by a day because “there is no way I am missing a party at The Mika’s. They have the best parties!”. I asked on little boy when he was leaving on a scale of 1-10 – 10 being the highest, what score would he give me. I received an 11. Be still my heart!

The party was a total blast – from 5:30-11:30 the kids swam the entire time. It was a stormy wet day but but 6 the sun was peeking out of the clouds and the BBQ was full of burgers, hot dogs and chicken. My house was a wreck on Wednesday morning, I dont know if I have ever seen it like that before, just evidence of a great time. I love that my friends and neighbors can come over, make themselves at home and enjoy.

Heres a few things I put together for the kids – hope you find a bit of inspiration for your next party.
IMG_0272IMG_0212 IMG_0240IMG_0257IMG_0235


The found the idea for the chip bags on Pinterest. I just added a sticker and styled them a la Hampton Paper.  Cupcake are from Holy Ganache. They were the talk of the party.  I used the jars from Thomas birthday party and put a straw in them and put them next to a big thing of Lemonade. (be prepared on this for the kids to take the glasses home!). Glasses are from Target. The goodie bags – my favorite part to plan. I did clear bags with gum balls in them. You can put the kids names on the bags or just a message.  I have these food safe bags in stock so if you ordered stickers and want to make your own – just put it in the notes section and I will add them for you at no charge. Ribbon is from Michael’s.

PS. I have been working on this blog for over an hour – between WordPress, my new mac and my lack of computer skills I am beyond frustrated. Sorry the photos are out of order and the captions are not right below. For another day!!

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