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The Key to Success

In my humble opinion one of the keys to success in business and in life is recognizing what you do well and what you don’t. For the things that you find challenging, sometimes it makes sense to find someone who does excel in that area so that their talent can compliment yours. For me writing […]

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Record Sales, Girl Scout Cookies

I took a lot of heat from my family and friends this year based on the amount of Girl Scout Cookies I purchased. Maybe its sheer volume or maybe because they know I dont actually plan to eat them. Perhaps I can share my reason why. Selling Girl Scout Cookies door to door in the mid […]

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Did you lean something new today?

“Ya learn something new everyday” they say. In my case I would venture to say the number is much higher than one. In fact after owning my car for 8 years I just learned that the back seats fold down for larger cargo in the trunk. Yep, it’s kinda scary some days! Lucy just painted […]

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