An Anniversary Story

blog_wedding2 I recently celebrated my 16 year wedding anniversary and along with that comes some cold hard facts. First on a super exciting front, I just got my gift from last year, an HPD web site improvement, but that’s for another blog. On another note I just realized that at I have reached a certain point where have spent almost half my life married!!  With that said, I am in good company and many of my friends are celebrating anniversaries of 12, 15, 17 and 20 years. (my neighbor adds “thousand” to the year and those of us who are in the “married for a long time” club laugh at this remark). Hopefully you think its funny too.

One of my good friends who is on the cusp of celebrating her 20 year anniversary recently had her wedding album out on display. Now we all know trends in weddings change yearly and what’s in style one year can very quickly become outdated.  I must say, looking a wedding album from a few years back is a great source of fun. My dear friend who is very detail oriented had the largest cake I had ever seen with tiers and a fountain and these side “arms” of the cake that had “people” aligned that I know she carefully selected to resemble her wedding party. I can see her spending a great deal of time on this detail to make sure it was perfect! I must admit, it was laugh out loud funny to see this larger than life cake take up an entire page her in album! I can only imagine what it looked like in real life.

“Quid pro quo” as they say so in return I took out my $2,000. 00 wedding album to share with my friends.  (I know, it’s outrageous to think I spent that much money on an album. If I had know then what I know now it would be that loose photos are fine) My wedding album is tucked away in a cabinet in a grey dust cloth and black box, I am not sure why – safe keeping?  As a small group of us turned the heavy cardboard pages  everything was looking pretty good – very classic and traditional. I do laugh at the hair piece I insisted on. It was the “thing” I had to have. (I loved it, I have no regrets on that one.)

About half way through we turned to the photo of the groomsmen and me. It’s a great shot – apparently all 98lb of me is being held up by one guy with his hand in a very strategic place! It has over the years made for a good laugh and this small group of friends was no exception.

So if you or your friends are in the “been married for a long time” club, pull out your wedding albums and see if there is a photo in particular that brings back a good memory or a good laugh and if you have a big anniversary coming up, Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

PS. I had to scan that photo in as digital was still up and coming technology!



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