I must admit I am a bit new to the whole Netflix and binge watching phenomenon because truth be told, I have a hard time sitting down for an hour and concentrating on a show. I easily get distracted and find I watch about 5-7 minutes before I am distracting and doing something else. However, with that said, I do love documentaries and here are three I watch recently and recommend. (I’d love your recommendations too!).

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 12.06.34 PM

There are some shocking stats in this documentary on how much we consume and why. Our houses are so much larger than 50 years ago and yet the storage business is booming! It interesting to see why we are consuming so much these days.


Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 12.08.35 PM

I LOVED this documentary. There are so many interesting facts about how and why Warren Buffett is so successful. I think many may surprise you. Also, loved that both he and Bill Gates were asked one word to describe what helped them most and they both wrote down the same word. (Focus)

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 12.11.49 PM

Who Took Johnny is heartbreaking and also very interesting and this case really changed how missing children cases are handled.  (Netflix).

Party of Three

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 8.10.34 AMYou know I am obsessed with getting the mail. I LOVE the promise of hope it brings each day. Maybe I will find a check or a letter or one of my favorite magazines. Most days it is just bills and catalogs but for some reason, I still hold on to hope. There is one thing that I sometimes get in my mail that brings me so much joy and that is new images for Hampton Paper. How adorable are these penguins? They will be in the 2018 calendar for sure. They seem fitting on such a cold and blustery day.


March Has Arrived!

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 8.10.35 AM

We always say “Rabbit, Rabbit” on the first of the month for luck. As quickly as it seems that March has arrived, it always feels like a long month to me. Maybe it is the because I am sick of the cold and sweaters and am anxiously awaiting warm spring and summer days or maybe it is just because there are a few extra days between my favorite days of the month, payday.

I was thinking of turning it around this year and that maybe 31 days offers an opportunity to do 31 things. I am working on a new big new exciting project, but I like the idea of 31 mini projects.  I am  still struggling to figure our what it might be. I’ll start with a trip to the shelter today to drop off my Girl Scout Cookies. If you have some good ideas, please let me know. I am going to continue to ponder on this idea and start writing my list.


New Year, New Everything!


I love the leather stool in this picture.


I love the fabric on the bench.

One of my dear friends just purchased a home and sent me a note to see if I could recommend a good place for furniture. I quickly responded with my absolute favorite store, Kellogg Collection. It is an understatement to say I want everything they sell. One of my favorite compliments was when a friend said my house looked like Kellogg Collection! ( McLean, Baltimore, DC, Richmond)

Anyway, it got me to thinking that maybe you are thinking about making 2017 your best year ever. It is the year you finally __________________ (fill in the blank). And then I was thinking sometimes it is easy to fill in the blank but then you feel stuck because you don’t  know where to begin. So, I thought it might be helpful to send over a few places I love, in the event you are in the local area and have the goal but are not quite sure how to get started on your path to redecorating, better highlights, glowing skin, a beautiful smile, cleaning your closet, getting a financial life, resetting or investing in some classic jewelry, altering some items in your closet you love…

KLS Studios. Think the best highlights ever.  One of the owners, Stephanie, makes highlighting hair an art form. When she does mine, I think the secret is low and highlights. It makes my hair look rich and full. (Reston)

Chic Envy. You know I love to support women in business and I love this local consignment shop owned by a mother- daughter duo. They make it so easy to consign. Email or call to make an appt and drop off. I typically let them price everything and send me a file. I love getting a nice check in the mail each month and it helps me get rid of the items in my closet I am no longer wearing. They had have a great 2 for Tuesday option where you don’t need an appt and can just drop  of two items. (Fairfax Corner)

Shoe Shoppe. Every well dressed woman and man has a good tailor and shoe repair shop. I have been using the one in Tyson’s Corner for years. In cleaning my closet I found this faux fur vest from Calypso that I love but felt it just didn’t look quite right. I decided to take it to have it shortened and what a huge difference it made! If you have a few items in your closet you love but maybe the fit just isnt quite right, see if a tailor can alter it before you decide to part with it. I am also crazy about taking care of my good shoes. I often tell the shoe repair man that “this is my favorite pair, handle with care”. He laughs and usually replies “You say that about every pair”. True. (Tysons Corner)

Centers for Plastic Surgery. Don’t be scared because of the name! This office does everything from facials, to more advanced skin care to plastic surgery. Lots of options and you are gonna love the staff.(Annandale)

Fairlington Dental. I am terrified of the dentist. I am convinced that I get escorted to the room away from the other patients in an effort to muffle my screams. I am kidding. If you are looking for a great dentist then let me tell you about mine, Dr. Michael Rogers. This guy is in “the zone” when it comes to dentistry. You can tell he loves his job because not only does he use the latest technology, (ie no more impression trays!) he can easily articulate the differences between different products and techniques and explain why he chose one over the other. I was just in there the other day to pick up my Invisalin and I noticed he went to Harvard. I said, “Dr. Rogers, I didn’t realize you went to Harvard.” and he responded, “Yes, it was a humbling experience”. Don’t you love him already? (Arlington)

Edwards & Owens Financial. Bruce Edwards has been my financial planner for about 14 years.  Always solid guidance and advice. I love that I am not his richest or poorest client – I am right in the middle. I sent him a two sentence note the other day asking for advice and I got 4-6 paragraphs in response and it made me  laugh because his response was so thorough and well thought out. It was also followed up with an offer for a call to discuss. He is fantastic! (Ashburn)

CrossFit Northreston This CrossFit gym is great for someone like me – a 45 year old woman who wants to be fit and in shape but isn’t training for a competition. Every work out provides several level of modifications to ensure there is an option appropriate for my skill level. (Reston)

My diamond stud earrings are one of the best investments I have ever made for a few reasons. I   wear them probably 345 days a year. They are classic and classy and go with everything. I purchased them many years ago, at Charleston Alexander and have upgraded them several times. I love that you can get a great pair and then add to your investment over time. I also love Midtown Jewelers. I mentioned that I just brought in a few cameos and they were kind enough to help me get them to work with a few chains I already own. I had a custom eternity band made last year with some diamonds from my Grandmother and there was a level of difficulty because the diamond were not all the same size and they exceeded my expectations. The band is stunning. I love when I find people that I  find know there craft it makes it easy for me to trust them and be able to benefit from their knowledge and talent. (Falls Church & Reston)

Glowing Skin

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 7.41.10 PMWhen It comes to beautiful glowing skin, I definitely fall into to the category of “fake it until you make it” so while I am still striving to have perfect skin and a beautiful glow, here are a few things I just discovered and love. Maybe you will too!

Drunk Elephant Babyfacial. I think I may have mentioned I purchased a Drunk Elephant face cleansing kit at Sephora last month and I was hooked. I had been hearing about their new product and was delighted it was available in the store on my last trip to Sephora. The product description says “Babyfacial™ will dramatically smooth texture, minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, refine pores, and boost overall clarity and radiance. Power-packed with a potent, soothing antioxidant complex, plus chickpea flour for incredible brightening, this next-generation mask reveals a youthful, glowing, and baby-soft complexion.” I could not agree more. I thought my skin looked radiant after one use.


You know Armani is my go to for make-up…

Fluid Sheer So, I got this in #2 and it is easily my new favorite product. The make-up artist used on the top of my cheek bones and over my eyes. My entire face suddenly looked vibrant and bright. The best part is it is one of those products that is so easy to apply. ( I know I have certainly purchased my fair share of products that the make- up artist can apply flawlessly but when I get it home, it is disastrous.)

Face Fabric  I did not think it was possible to find a foundation even better than the Armani Luminous Silk…until now. Seriously flawless coverage and swear it doesn’t even look like you are wearing foundation. If you try it, please let me know if you agree.

Master Make- Up Primer – gives such a nice glow when applied under the foundation.

Acqua Pantelleria – recommended to use on the morning instead of lotion.

White Sale

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 8.07.11 AMMy all time favorite white t-shirt is back in stock at J. Crew.  It fits true to size. You are gonna love it! It looks great layered with another short sleeve t-shirt or with a long sleeve underneath. 30% off today. I also love the gray option.

The Army Green Jacket

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 5.20.33 PM
I absolutely love Army Green jackets. I think they are a great basic and ideal for traveling and layering. Here are a few that I have seen that you may like if you are in the market for a new one.

As you can see from my recommendations, I tend to keep my clothes simple and understated and then add a pop of color from an accessory. I also love adding something not currently available so the outfit has more of an authentic feel.

  1. Current/Elliott Infantry Jacket
  2. Barneys New York Army Coat I have this from a few years ago. It is a great basic with nice details including the 3/4 length sleeves.
  3. NSF Swede Jacket
  4. Current/Elliott
  5. Current Elliott Military Shirt Jacket
  6. Nili Lotan West Cotton-Blend Anorak 
  7. G1 Jane Military Coat  I bought this last time I was in Westhampton. Note it has a bit of blue in it which I liked and I loved the detailing on the front.
  8. NSF Asymmetric Button Front Cape If I were tall…
  9. The Swingy Army Canvas Jacket
  10. JCrew Field Mechanic Jacket
  11. Theory Thornwood Washed Chino Jacket This is on the top of my “must-have” list.

Here are a few ways to wear a green jacket. Take a look in your closet first as I bet you already have a few of these items or something similar.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 5.03.17 PM

  1. Banana Republic White Blouse
  2. Jcrew Stripped Shirt
  3. Jenni Kayne
  4. Hermes Jewelry and clutch
  5. Banana Republic Jeans
  6. Gucci Belt
  7. Jimmy Choo
  8. Hermes Bracelet
  9. JCrew Ruffle Trim Top 
  10. JCrew Ornate Floral Blouse
  11. Anthropologie Pin Stripe Off the Shoulder Blouse
  12. Anthropologie Ladder Lace Henley
  13. Anthropologie Tie Neck Top
  14. Chanel Vintage Gold Hoop Belt 


Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 8.57.09 AM PAP_HPD-91-web

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 2.23.34 PM

There is stil time to order personalized stickers and receive them before Valentine’s Day!

Tic Tac

Large Square here and with the glassine bags here.

Small Round


Behind the Scenes

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 10.18.36 AM

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 10.18.28 AM While it is just the beginning of 2017, I am already hard at work on the desk calendar for 2018. Crazy, right? It probably seems pretty straightforward, select 12 images but it actually entails a bit more thought and work. I am constantly on the look out for new image ideas and I keep a folder of them. In January I take it out and start to map out ideas for each month.  I love that I can take some ideas and the artist can translate them into something amazing.

Here is an example of an idea I had for 4th of July. I like the idea of an outline of the USA in Red, White and Blue. I just did this quickly to see how it will look with the outline and then on better paper to see if the color and water will bleed properly for the right look.

PS. November is always my problem month!




I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun. AC2 LIVE exceeded all my expectations.

I have such respect for both of these men, for a variety of reasons, but this was what I posted on my friend’s Facebook page and I think it summarizes how I feel, although it could have been better articulated, hopefully you get the gist.

“They are both so accomplished in their own right and you can feel how much they value their friendship and how proud they are of each other. What comes across to the audience is a powerful message, your own personal confidence allows you to laugh at yourself and be crazy supportive of someone else and the result is an incredible type of attractiveness that pulls you in. They are exceptional role models and should be recognized as such.”

Not only did I have an amazing time, but I felt honored to be in the presence of greatness. (Again, I am sure they felt the same way about my VBFF, Juilana and me!)