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Can you tell the difference?

Can you tell the difference in the snapshots of the invitation for Jackson’s party? The top one has a different font (and the pow, zap, wham are spaced further apart). Choosing the right font makes so much difference. I am lucky when it comes to selecting fonts in that 1. I know I am terrible at it and 2. I have a good friend, Krista who is amazing! The one she choose has that fun comic book feel that the cape needed. Mission Accomplished!


Ask For What You Want

Ask for what you want and you will get it 60% of the time. This is a great bit of advice I received from a book I read The Bag Lady Papers by Alexandra Penney. Guess what? It worked! I asked PPPartyFavors if we could use my 2 new designs, the lightening blot and cape for the necklaces and they can. Yippee! So happy about that today!


Let’s Get This Party Started!!

We are having fun planning Jackson’s Superhero party! I have a preliminary idea in mind and have begun to gather the ideas! Invitations go out tomorrow. Krista from Kiki’s list is going to meet with me next week. I know she will have some amazing ideas!

Snapshot of invitations. We decided to use the Tall Correspondence Cards. They look great.

The new image Lucy painted for the big event. We also have a lightening bolt for the collection.

Superhero Necklaces I found on Etsy. So perfect!

Favor Bags – we can use the cape image on them and personalize for the kids.

Custom Capes. I love the color options!