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Jackson’s Super Hero Party Revealed

Jackson’s 5th birthday celebration isn’t one we will soon forget. While the 45 min before the party we were right out of a reality show trying to set up – 101 things that could go wrong pretty much did (lollipops were standing up straight, people kept moving my bag with my supplies of tape etc, the table was curved and created a terrible wrinkle in the front etc etc) The two things that were most important did go right – everyone showed up and the kids had an amazing time!!! (And if there was one more thing I am sure no one noticed what I would have done differently!)
super hero capeThis was a last minute idea. The party was on the 2nd floor so we created this sign. I always want to greet the kids right away so they know they are in store for a great time!
I used the Hampton Paper tall correspondence cards for the invitations. Loved the POW, ZAP, WHAM at the top!
super hero candy tableThe sweets table!
Close Up (uggg the wrinkled table cloth!)
superhero favor bagsCaptain Jackson on the framed print. I should have written “Captain” near the kids names on the goody bags. Next time!
I freaked when I received these cupcake toppers from Sweet and Edible. I contacted the owner to see if she could create toppers to match the HPD images. Ta Da! They were adorable.
superhero cupcakesMy reluctant model for this cupcake photo. “Take the photo…my friends are here and I want to go play”
We used place cards for the sweets table.
Hershey Kisses are always a big hit.
I had these lollipop covers custom made by Simple Tastes. I am obsessed with them. They are so darling and they have so many fun options.
I am going to need these for all my parties moving forward.
A sweet table isn’t complete without Hershey Bars. Kids really love that they are full size and so indulgent. We used the ZAP, POW, WHAM theme from the invitation and used both images.
You know these cookies are my favorite. They are soooo delicious and I always love the way the images turn our on them. Bright and Crisp.
I also freaked when these necklaces arrived in the mail from PPParty Favors. Also custom made they turned out adorable and the kids loved them! At the end of the party Chariots of Fire was played and we handed out the necklaces and goody bags.
Goody bags with the large stickers.
Personalized capes were made by Sew Plain Jane.
Pink for girls.
So happy James from James Woo Photography captured this shot. Priceless.
Just loved these capes. I heard the kids wore them all day long.
Me and my boys… getting so big so fast.
Wow. Must have been some wish. Knowing Jackson its probably to hurry up and turn 6 so he can have his sports party!
Well, it was like Christmas all over will all the gifts Jackson received. We are mailing our thank you notes tomorrow. Jackson did such a good job writing these…. So proud of my baby who is 5.
Thanks to all of the following for not only the amazing products and services but…for being such a pleasure to work with. Many thanks!
Photography: James Woo Photography
Capes: Sew Plain Jane
Cupcake Toppers: Sweet and Edible on Etsy
Necklaces: PPPartyFavors on Etsy
Lollipops: Simple Tastes on Etsy
Stationery and Stickers by Hampton Paper Designs
Invitations: 24 for $72
Large Square Stickers:18 for $18.00
Place Cards: 12 for $12.00
Hershey Bars: 25 for $75.00
Cookies: 24 for $96.00
Kiss Stickers 108 for $12.00
Framed Print: $75.00
Thank You Notes: 8 for $12.00
And last but not least, thanks to my husband who packed and brought the cooler. And did many other things behind the scenes to make the party a success.

Nothing is as productive as the last minute.

Nothing is as productive as the last minute. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the postman rang the bell today to drop off these necklaces for the party. They were the last thing I was waiting for and seeing as the tracking info showed them in TN last night I was a bit stressed. Could the party go on without them? Luckily I wont have to find out! 30 kids are expected. It’s going to be a SUPER Party!!


Which Is Your Favorite?

Which is your favorite? I am freaking out about how adorable these lollipop holders are for Jackson’s party. They are from SimpleTastes and the owner custom made these to match our images and theme for the party. Which do you prefer? Let us know!

super hero cape Option 1: Round
lightening bolt Option 2: Scallop


This is What Crazy Looks Like

This is what crazy looks like. Scary right? With less than a week till Jackson’s Super Hero party I am “literally” turning into Rachel Zoe. Seriously, remember her stress level with Annie’s Oscar dress? That’s me yesterday and today. I have 3 orders of custom items from Etsy and I am in a full on panic about it all arriving on time. Of course I had to increase the quantities based on last minute RSVPs so I am scrambling big time. My fear is 1. they wont arrive and 2. I wont have enough and I all I can think about is some poor child’s heartbreak that there isnt a personalized cape waiting for them at the party! Uggh the PRESSURE! Anyway – this is a peek at what it looks like a week before. I know what you are thinking how will it all get done! Seems no matter how early I begin the planning I am always stressed it wont get done. This is the last full weekend. We have balloons and cupcakes to order. Jackson wants a pin the lightening bolt on the cape game so I need to go to Ritz and go to Joanne’s Fabric to get the table cloth for the dessert table. None of that includes any of the prep work on the candy bars, lollipops, cupcake stands etc.

super hero cape I usually try to stage the table ahead of time to see where things will go and how I can display them. I will provide step by step “how to” once its done. BTW I think I finally cracked the code on how to make a great back drop. Will let you know my secret.


SUPER Progress made today on Jackson’s Party

I love when I get proofs back on products for a party. Cant wait to get these cookies and fondant cupcake toppers. Yippee!! RSVPs are coming in daily. It’s going to be a great party!
These cookies are as good as they are cute. Really!

Just love this lightening bolt. Simple and classic.

I found a store on Etsy to make these custom fondant cupcake toppers. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Can you see the wheels turning in my head on this one? I want samples for all my images!