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Back to School!

Did that just make you cringe? I just celebrated the 4th of July when I received a catalog in the mail featuring back to school items. I am struggling to figure out my son’s camp schedule so thinking about back to school might send me over the edge.

If you are a “super mom” and already several steps ahead of me, don’t worry, Hampton Paper has been working all summer on back to school items is getting ready to release our highly anticipated new lunch box notes and family calendars (a favorite of the beautiful actress, Angie Harmon!).

In the mean time, if back to school preparation in on your list of things to do, here’s what we recommend:

Luggage Tags – for lunch boxes and backpacks

Photo Cards – for those picture perfect back to school cards

Book Labels – for text and note books

Name Stickers – for all supplies

Notepad – for notes to the school and teacher

SouthamptonTrunk Show: The Elegant Setting

Here at HPD we are working feverishly to prepare for our upcoming trunk show at The Elegant Setting in Southampton on Saturday, July 31st from 12-4.

If you have been to The Elegant Setting then I’m sure you will welcome any excuse to visit again, and if you have never been, you are in for a treat. Let me elaborate. It is one of my “must visits” when I am in Southampton. It’s an exquisite store that more than lives up to its name with a beautiful collection of unique and elegant (hence the name) items. It is exactly what you wish a great boutique to be and more! Fabulous finds grace every shelf and even my husband, who is not much of a shopper (and really, how many are?) is thrilled by the selection of uncommon cocktail and cookbooks.

We will be printing personalized gift tags on site while you wait and as a “thank you” to those who come, we will be offering free return address labels with every purchase!

Check out our web site to see all the available products and images.

See you on the 31st!

photo: (L) Kristin Mika (R) Stephanie Finkelstein


I’m Obsessed…..

I’m obsessed with our new cookie line. (Did you think I was going to say the new Louis Vuitton shoes? I am obsessed with them too but that’s for another day!). The only thing better than they way they look, is the way they taste! Delicious goodness in each bite, these shortbread cookies are topped with lemon sugar icing and of course the Hampton Paper image of your choice!

Perfect for party favors (think wedding, bridal shower, birthday) hostess gifts or just something extra special for dessert.

Coming to our web site soon!