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Next Party: Super Hero

Another year, another birthday is upon us. As much as I have tried to convince Jackson to stop getting older, I have had no luck. I beg him to stay the same age and size and he responds “but my dream is to go to kindergarten”. It brings tears to my eyes, how can I stand in the way of his dream? So, with the big number 5 looming ahead of us, we begin the birthday planning process. Jackson is obsessed with all things superhero so the theme has been decided. I have found inspiration from these great capes from SB Toys. Lucy is busy working on our new images and I cant wait to see them! If you have planned a superhero party and have some great ideas, please let me know!


Party Favors – Holiday Party

I took a break (a small one!) from processing HPD orders over the weekend to assemble these party favors for the Holiday party in Thomas’ class held yesterday. It was so much fun as the homeroom moms came up with some great games and crafts.

Thomas handed these out to his classmates. I love that the kids are so excited and appreciate of this small gesture. “Is one of those for me?” some asked Of course we replied “Yes!” I ordered the candy from Oriental Trading Co. sorted and put in a clear bag and tied with ribbon and a candy cane. I used our new Nutcracker image and personalized a note from Thomas.

Stickers, ribbon and bags all available from Hampton Paper Designs.


Lily’s Skating Party

There are great parties and then there are GREAT PARTIES! Lily’s 8th birthday party held at a local Skating Rink was so much fun…. for everyone! Hampton Paper created the ice skate image just for Lily!

Lily is turning 8, please join us for a birthday skate!

Gift and Favor Table.

My friend Kim (Lily’s mom) and I used HPD place cards and attached to small bags filled with lip balm. It was such a great idea and worked perfectly with the theme. I would have loved this when I was 8. ( remember Bonne Bell lip gloss?)

I had a print personalized, matted and framed for Lily. As soon as her younger sister Lauren saw it, she had to have one too. I should have known since I am a younger sister too and had to have everything my sister had when were were that same age.

The Hershey bars were part of the favors too and were a huge hit.

Kim had an instructor give a 30 minute lesson for all the kids. It was so special and generous!

The Birthday Girl Lily on the ice.

Lily’s sister, Lauren, gets warmed up too.

Whoa… Jackson looks a bit wobbly.

Are my knuckles white holding on to the wall? Really, I am just catching my breath after the triple toe loop I just landed.

Kim had cake served before we hit the ice. Everyone was having a great time.

The Darwaza Family, Kim, Basil, Lily and Lauren. Thanks so much for sharing the big day and the photos with us and for inviting Hampton Paper to work on it with you! It was so much fun and will be remembered for many years to come!

Photos compliments of Tina Bazala Photography

HPD Products:

Invitations 25 for $75.00

Hershey Bars 25 for $75.00

Place Cards 12 for $12.00 (on lip balm)

Framed Personalized Print $75.00


“Best Back to School Party Ever”- Revealed!

Our Back to School Party was a huge success. I heard from one little girl as she was leaving say “Best Party Ever!”. Mission Accomplished!

The Bell Has Run, Don’t Be Late, School Has Started, Let’s Celebrate! Fine invitations always set the stage for a great party your friends won’t want to miss. We used Hampton Paper correspondence cards printed vertically for the invitations and you can too!

I set up a supplies table for the kids so they could get all the staples they need for school!

I used the school bus, pen & pencils and pencils images pulling in these colors for the theme.

I found these baskets at Michael’s and they were great to showcase and display the items.

Colored Pencils and and Colored Markers anchored each side of the table. The labels are HPD large and I added a yellow ribbon.

I was thrilled to find these composition notebooks in yellow/gold. They matched perfectly. I used a large sticker to cover the wording. My boys have been using them to write stories about what happens at school each day. (very insightful!)

Nothing says Back to School more than a #2 pencil…

and a pink pearl eraser! I purchased these jars at Michael’s’ and created the label with HPD large square solid stickers.

I know ipads and e-readers are all the rage but I for one still love holding a book and I think most kids do too! I hope these bookmarks encourage them to read a bit more. They had 3 options to choose from, Bus, Pen & Pencil or Pencils.

I wrapped a bunch of books with brown paper from Michael’s. It was a nice way to give both tables height and worked easily into my theme. I was able to draw on my many years of experience wrapping my text books with brown paper bags – I recall it was the only option in the 80s.

Love the gold tassels on this one!

These large gable boxes were the perfect size to hold the kid’s supplies.

The Host, Thomas.

Thomas with his supply box.

Lily loads her supplies….

I had to include this photo since Lily is sporting from head to toe the much coveted Missoni line from Target.

Thomas, Jackson and I greet our guests at the door. I printed “Welcome Students” and “Please Come In!” on glossy lined school sentence paper from Staples. Just like the invitations, I wanted guests to know as soon as they arrive they are in for a special treat!

I created a pathway with ABC Cards also from Staples. Follow the ABC’s to the best Back to School Party ever!

Framed Print of the School Bus created a great centerpiece on our candy table.

Jackson holds the Hershey bar from the candy table with great patience. It was opened seconds after the photo!

I used Chinese to go containers for the candy bar. I printed the kids names on a small square solid sticker so there wasn’t any confusion on who’s was who’s. HPD will now be offering the containers and stickers as a set so you can purchase both from one place.

Ta Da! The colors and them came together beautifully on this candy table. We featured Twizzlers and Sweedish Fish, Starbursts, M&Ms, Skittles, Lollipops and Hershey’s Bars and Kisses.

Lollipops are a must for my candy tables. I have a reputation to live up to! These are from Hammond’s Candies.

I had 3 jars of Hershey’s Kisses (almost 7.5 lbs yikes). I used a 3 inch round punch to create orange background from scrapbook paper and then added HPD Large Round Stickers and ribbon to make the labels.

Close up of the Kisses with the stickers. I used the pencils, pen & pencil and school bus kiss stickers. (yes, this took forever to do!)

It took two of the gigantic M&M bags to create this jar with only red, yellow and orange. Note to self to create a party theme with all the colors next time!

Skittles. Ditto on the sorting- there was a lot of discarded purple and green!

These were the first to go.

Twizzlers are always a big hit.

Sweedish Fish – My fav.

I had so much fun planning this amazing party. My goal was for the kids and parents to have an opportunity to meet and get to know eachother at the beginning of the year and I think we succeeded!

The kids played Legos, worked on a fun “about me ” project and watched a movie.

I spent well over a month planning this party and it was worth it. I will detail out for you next week how to make the candy and supply tables. I know it looks like I spent a fortune, but between you and me, I really didnt!

Vendor Supply List

Invitations 24 for $40.00
Sq Solid Personalized Stickers and Chinese To Go Containers 27 for $38.00
Kiss Stickers 1 sheet/ 108 stickers 12.00 (each add’l sheet $6.00)
Round Stickers (for candy table) 24 for $18.00
Large Framed Prints $60.00
Large Sq Stickers on Supply Table 18 for $18.00
Small Sq Stickers on Supply Table 27 for $18.00
Hershey Bars and Wrappers 25 for $75.00 (personalized wrappers 25 for $31.25)
Bookmarks with Tassels $2.50 each (can be personalized at no add’l charge)
Lollipop Stickers Medium Round 30 for $12.00

School Supplies
Candy Jars
Candy for Candy Table
Glass Containers on Supply Table
Brown Paper on Books
Table Cloths
Fabric Back Drops
Learning Line Sentences
ABC Cards


I’m Obsessed…..

I’m obsessed with our new cookie line. (Did you think I was going to say the new Louis Vuitton shoes? I am obsessed with them too but that’s for another day!). The only thing better than they way they look, is the way they taste! Delicious goodness in each bite, these shortbread cookies are topped with lemon sugar icing and of course the Hampton Paper image of your choice!

Perfect for party favors (think wedding, bridal shower, birthday) hostess gifts or just something extra special for dessert.

Coming to our web site soon!