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Which Is Your Favorite?

Which is your favorite? I am freaking out about how adorable these lollipop holders are for Jackson’s party. They are from SimpleTastes and the owner custom made these to match our images and theme for the party. Which do you prefer? Let us know!

super hero cape Option 1: Round
lightening bolt Option 2: Scallop


This is What Crazy Looks Like

This is what crazy looks like. Scary right? With less than a week till Jackson’s Super Hero party I am “literally” turning into Rachel Zoe. Seriously, remember her stress level with Annie’s Oscar dress? That’s me yesterday and today. I have 3 orders of custom items from Etsy and I am in a full on panic about it all arriving on time. Of course I had to increase the quantities based on last minute RSVPs so I am scrambling big time. My fear is 1. they wont arrive and 2. I wont have enough and I all I can think about is some poor child’s heartbreak that there isnt a personalized cape waiting for them at the party! Uggh the PRESSURE! Anyway – this is a peek at what it looks like a week before. I know what you are thinking how will it all get done! Seems no matter how early I begin the planning I am always stressed it wont get done. This is the last full weekend. We have balloons and cupcakes to order. Jackson wants a pin the lightening bolt on the cape game so I need to go to Ritz and go to Joanne’s Fabric to get the table cloth for the dessert table. None of that includes any of the prep work on the candy bars, lollipops, cupcake stands etc.

super hero cape I usually try to stage the table ahead of time to see where things will go and how I can display them. I will provide step by step “how to” once its done. BTW I think I finally cracked the code on how to make a great back drop. Will let you know my secret.


Can you tell the difference?

Can you tell the difference in the snapshots of the invitation for Jackson’s party? The top one has a different font (and the pow, zap, wham are spaced further apart). Choosing the right font makes so much difference. I am lucky when it comes to selecting fonts in that 1. I know I am terrible at it and 2. I have a good friend, Krista who is amazing! The one she choose has that fun comic book feel that the cape needed. Mission Accomplished!


SUPER Progress made today on Jackson’s Party

I love when I get proofs back on products for a party. Cant wait to get these cookies and fondant cupcake toppers. Yippee!! RSVPs are coming in daily. It’s going to be a great party!
These cookies are as good as they are cute. Really!

Just love this lightening bolt. Simple and classic.

I found a store on Etsy to make these custom fondant cupcake toppers. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Can you see the wheels turning in my head on this one? I want samples for all my images!


Let’s Get This Party Started!!

We are having fun planning Jackson’s Superhero party! I have a preliminary idea in mind and have begun to gather the ideas! Invitations go out tomorrow. Krista from Kiki’s list is going to meet with me next week. I know she will have some amazing ideas!

Snapshot of invitations. We decided to use the Tall Correspondence Cards. They look great.

The new image Lucy painted for the big event. We also have a lightening bolt for the collection.

Superhero Necklaces I found on Etsy. So perfect!

Favor Bags – we can use the cape image on them and personalize for the kids.

Custom Capes. I love the color options!