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House Guests!

We are having some company this weekend! I cant wait to give these Melissa and Doug stuffed animals to the kids! (the giraffe is my fav!!). Since our house seems to be a zoo, I thought it was fitting to get the Giraffe for Jackson and the Lion for Thomas. The Dog is for my nephew John Robert– he loves to be like his cousins!


Care for Kids Starts Oct 21

Hampton Paper Designs is participating in Care for Kids again this year for orders purchased through our web site! Send us an email with your card # and we will send you the promo code. May we suggest these great items?

2 notepads 50 sheets each $24.00

Notepad in Acrylic 150 sheets, $32.00

Personalized Framed Print 12 by 12 $75.00

Framed print 12 by 12 $60.00

Sketchpad $28.00

Writing Journal $28.00

Everyday Set of Gift Enclosures and Envelopes 8 for $10.00

Holiday Set of Gift Enclosures and Envelopes 8 for $10.00

Book Labels 27 for $18.00

Gift Tags 27 for $18.00

My Busy Week for Girls $28.00

My Busy Week for Boys $28.00