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More Valentine’s Card Ideas

More Valentine’s Day card options – mix and match images for endless possibilities!
Use any image on this format or choose a few! Maybe all hearts, all sports, all seaside, you pick! Also you can use this one in conjunction with the ones below and choose a coordinating image.

Use template above and choose other outdoor or sports images like the other fishing rod.

This would be great paired with more animals or the mushroom.

Love this option and would recommend some with the horseshoe. “It’s lucky we are friends, Valentine”

This would be great paired with the records or record player.

Use this format and include the ice cream cone, candy, lollipops…..anything sweet.

This one can be paired with the shoes or the handbag or nail polish “You are so stylish, Valentine”

Valentine’s Day Cards – SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!

Love is in the air with our new Valentine’s cards for kids classroom exchanges! Two more styles will be posted tomorrow. You can find them on Etsy or email us. 30 cards and white envelopes for $20.00Don’t you just LOVE these…..

My fav. love our new lollipop image.

Love the gumball machine. Sweet!

So cute for a little girl.

This is what Jackson will be giving this year! Love it.

Another great option for boys that love trains!

Adorable for the girls.

Ohhh Jackson is obsessed with this truck!

So classic.

For the young artist.

Valentine’s Day!

I have always been a big fan of this holiday – giving and receiving Valentine’s at school was so much fun every year. From creating the bag to hang on the back of my chair (remember using the brown paper grocery bags and decorating them with construction paper?) to selecting and writing out each Valentine. I always started with my favorite Valentine in the box bought from either CVS or Schatz Stationery for my best friend.

Even when I outgrew the classroom exchange and graduated to high school and college it was still a favorite holiday. In my late teens my fondest memories of the holiday were the huge bouquets of fresh cut beautiful flowers sent by my dad (no carnations ever as he use to tell the florist so there was no misunderstanding) just in case!!

Luckily these days I have 3 great guys in my life that I can count on to be my Valentine. If I didn’t, I know on Feb 14th there would be some flowers from the one that never let me down, just in case…..

Whomever is going to be your Valentine this year – here are a few ideas to help make sure they know how special they are!

If you are looking for Valentine’s day cards for classroom exchanges, they will be on my blog and Etsy tomorrow. Can I just say, they are ever so cute!

Sq stickers and glassine bags 27 for $24.00

Sq Stickers and glassine bags 27 for $24.00

25 photo cards for $75.00

Medium Round Stickers 30 for $12.00

Medium Round Stickers 30 for $12.00

Medium Round Stickers 30 for $12.00

27 Chinese To Go Containers and 27 Sq Solid Stickers $38.00

27 sq solid stickers for $18.00

10 invitations for $40.00

108 Kiss Stickers for 12.00

108 Kiss Sticker for $12.00

108 Kiss Stickers for $12.00

108 Kiss Stickers for $12.00

This image has been the biggest seller so far this season. It’s not hard to figure out why – so classic with the unexpected green for the arrow, sooo Hampton Paper!

All That Glitters

Every year there is a mad rush to create more of our best selling calendars. When you see them in person, you will know why. Each month showcases an image that is hand embellished. There is still time to order for 2012. We have a limited quantity ready to ship so dont delay!

HPD Calendar and Refill avail on line or on Etsy.


Say “Thank You” Hampton Paper Style

We hope you received everything on your holiday wish list! If you are thinking about getting those thank you notes out the door let Hampton Paper help you send them in style. 3 options to choose from below. While I am not an expert on how to write a proper thank you note, my son Thomas and I have gotten many laughs out of these “fill in”ones from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book by Jeff Kinney. Enjoy. (Greg the author is in 6th grade).

Dear Aunt Lydia,
Thank you so much for the awesome encyclopedia! How did you know I wanted that for Christmas? I love the way the encyclopedia looks on my shelf. All my friends will be jealous that I have my very own encyclopedia. Thank you for making this the best Christmas ever! Sincerely, Greg

Dear Aunt Loretta,
Thank you so much for the awesome pants! How did you know I wanted that for Christmas?
I love the way the pants look on my legs. All my friends will be so jealous that I have my very own pants. Thank you for making this the best Christmas ever! Sincerely, Greg

Personalized Fold Over Cards starting at 24 for $60.00

Personalized correspondence cards starting at 24 for $40.00

Fill in note cards for kids. 8 for $12.00. These are avail on Etsy. ( or send us a note)

As always, choose any image from our portfolio of over 300.


Oh What Fun It Is…..

What a great success the show was this year at the Washington Jr. League Capital Collection of Holiday Shops. Thanks so much to Heidi Kallet and her team from The Dandelion Patch for inviting us to join them. It was so great to see so many clients that we work with all year long and catch up. So much has happened since last year, engagements, babies (twins!), new houses, new jobs and many other wonderful updates. I even met a few folks that read the blog (and I thought only my dad read it!!). It was a pleasure seeing everyone and I am so thankful to all of you who continue to support Hampton Paper Designs.

Best sellers this year were of course the gift stickers since we printed on site – ( Wreath with Holly – top image). It was followed closely by the notepads – they are a great gift and many people took advantage of our new offering of the 4 x 4 in acrylic, 150 sheets personalized for $26.00.

See you next year!!


Career Day

I had the opportunity to speak to the kids in Jackson Jr. K class last week during career day about Hampton Paper Designs. I focused on the idea that everyone can start their own business and they should start by thinking of something they love to do and are passionate about and see how they can turn it into a business. My love for stationery and stickers dates back to the early 70s- I love that I turned my passion for paper into a business! I hope I provided inspiration to Jackson and his friends! (side note I know these pictures of me are awful – would you believe they were the best of the batch?)

Showing that the images can be turned into great items such as wrapping paper.

I showed the kids the original image (the boat water color is on my lap) and then how I turned it into personalized correspondence cards.

Original water color – the elephant. No only one of our first images, by far the best seller year after year. Jackson peeks at what’s next!

You have to “drink your own champagne” as they say in the business! Jackson models the whale hat and t-shirt – his favorite image! Shirt and Hat avail on Etsy.


dear santa

My kids mailed their letters to Santa in September. Proactive and organized. I know exactly where they get those traits from! I must admit I feel a little competitive with Santa each year. I accept that he is suppose to give the big over the top gifts but I am jealous. I do all the work and he gets all the credit. Am I the only one?

I am really trying this year to get ahead of the game an order early. The kitchen set I wanted for Jackson from Pottery Barn Kids is already back orderd. Not getting what I want makes me CRAZY. I know better than to wait. I love some of the new Lego offerings, including this adorable VW Camper Van. Let me know what’s on the top of your list to Santa this year. I am looking for some good ideas!

Hampton Paper Santa Cards $3.00 on Etsy


Pool Side Cafe

Our 2 navy umbrellas arrived last week. I scrambled to take a few photos before the rain. Didn’t I say once the pool was complete it would rain everyday? So my luck. Its been the rainiest Sept in like 10 years in DC! Anyway, with the purchase of the furniture complete, I thought I would share with you the photos.

I am not sure why finding great outdoor furniture is such a challenge (or why its all so expensive!) I purchased everything from Home Escapes in Reston, VA. I cant say enough great things about the store and their extensive portfolio of outdoor furniture. I choose the Volterra line from Wintson and couldn’t be more pleased with the style and quality.
Dining table and 6 side chairs. I was able to choose the color of the metal as well as the cushions. I love the dark gunmetal gray – it looks great with the gray and white of the deck and I think the blue cushions tie everything together with the pool.

Overlooking the pool.

Love this umbrella. Great coverage and so easy to put up or take down. We are still waiting for the grass to grow back in and to get the landscaping done.

I made raspberry lemonade for the kids and rimmed the glasses with sugar. A nice summer treat. This tray is from The Nest Egg. (Thanks to my next door neighbor for letting me borrow the sugar)

These pillows are from Pottery Barn. I am going to have some custom ones made next year. I found some great options on Etsy.

These lounge chairs, also by Winston, are so comfortable and a great weight. Heavy enough to not blow in the wind but light enough to easily move around the pool. (I follow the sun!)

My friend Kim bought me this Hermes towel. I love it!

I purchased this basket for the towels from Pottery Barn. Its a easy way to carry them down to the pool and keep them poolside for the day for the family and our guests. The towels are from Lands End.

Now that the pool is ready, I need to finish our pool side cafe menus. There were so many color and texutre options to choose from for the menu cover. I narrowed it down to 2 and then opted for the dark navy blue as it will complement so many images. I just received them in the mail today! I am going to use the anchor image for our menus. I will have this new product on Etsy and our web site soon!


I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

My Busy Week Calendars are now available on Etsy! I had a draft done and did what any good shop owner would do, got feedback from my target audience and made adjustments accordingly. Madeline who is 10 suggested the horse, cell phone, peace sign and gumball machine. MacKenzie who likes what her big sister Madeline likes also suggested the cupcake! I must say these additions were exactly what the calendar needed.

I know its shocking that I have released the girl version first – dont worry my friends who are moms of boys…should have that version completed soon!