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Dear Santa

I know its only Oct 1 but for you very organized ladies who are getting ready to order your holiday cards, we just added these two new images. I know you all are out there because within minutes of posting these new images last week we received a bunch of orders. As for me, I already made my list to Santa. One trip to the Westin, St. Johns in January, please. Yes, the place that makes you think you have found heaven on earth!


Home For the Holidays

While its sometimes fun to travel during the holidays, there is a lot to be said for enjoying it in the comfort of your own home!

Getting the table set. Chef Greg is making homemade pasta with the boys. They will have pasta, homemade meatballs and bread for dipping. Greg and I are planning to have grilled shrimp on the home made pasta with a lemon scampi like sauce. Sounds delicious!

My two fav Tiffany rose bowls. The store was out of hydrangeas and roses so lily’s and tulips will have to suffice. Just getting the table set. Love using my holiday dishes from Villeroy and Boch. It was a great investment. We take it out and use it in the month of December and we all look forward to it.

Thomas choose the new gingerbread house for his place card.

I choose Santa!

Gifts wrapped for my dad. He said that my sister and I getting together last night was gift enough. I asked if I should return the sunglasses. Did you hear him yell “NOOOOOOOOOO”!

HPD wrapping paper from last year. Its the first new product I will make avail in 2012. I promise!

HPD Personalized Sticker on a gift for Greg.

A gift from my neighbor. I cant wait to make this cookies and copy this idea for next year. Love this!

Another gift from a neighbor (cant you see why I love my neighborhood? Dont you want to live here too?). My best guess is pretzel, rollo’s and walnut. They are almost gone I have eaten so many. I had to cover them.


DIY – Check Out This Great Idea!

I love this teach gift idea submitted by Amanda. Amanda had HPD personalized kiss stickers using the tree with lights image and then added the kids names. The kids helped assemble the Hershey kisses and then wrapped them in a jar. Love it!


Party Favors – Holiday Party

I took a break (a small one!) from processing HPD orders over the weekend to assemble these party favors for the Holiday party in Thomas’ class held yesterday. It was so much fun as the homeroom moms came up with some great games and crafts.

Thomas handed these out to his classmates. I love that the kids are so excited and appreciate of this small gesture. “Is one of those for me?” some asked Of course we replied “Yes!” I ordered the candy from Oriental Trading Co. sorted and put in a clear bag and tied with ribbon and a candy cane. I used our new Nutcracker image and personalized a note from Thomas.

Stickers, ribbon and bags all available from Hampton Paper Designs.


Kristin in the Kitchen = Nightmare

I have been dreading making cookies for my neighborhood cookie exchange all week. I am a terrible baker and find it so stressful. Like anything I do I seem to find a way to make things more complicated instead of simplifying by needing it to be perfect. I had it in my head that I wanted to make Whoopie Pies since I saw a great book and pan in the Crate and Barrel catalog. If you are in the northern Va area, perhaps you know how dreadful it is to try to get into the Crate and Barrel in Tyson’s Corner. Yes, dreadful. But I took a risk and made it 2 boys in toe the other night. Unfortunately the book was sold out but I did manage to get the pan and a few boxes of Velvet cake mix. The result? I think pretty good for an amateur like myself. It was very easy and I think they look pretty good! If I had more time I would have added crushed candy canes around the edges. I would def recommend this and would do again and try different cakes and fillings.

Velvet Cake Whoopie Pies

Mix and Sprinkles

Ok so after an exhaustive search for the hand mixer I had to trek to Target to get one. My 2nd trip to Target for the day. I know you are thinking w. Greg being a great cook, why dont we have the big Cuisinart mixer. We do – but jeeze who can figure that thing out? Plus it lives in the pantry and weighs a ton.

Wow, they were perfectly shaped and popped right out of the pan.

Looking pretty uniform.

Jackson picked out this sugar cookie pan and we made those as well. They were so yummy and a lot easier than trying to roll our sugar cookie batter. I got this plus the cookie exchange cookbook for the gift exchange. Hope the recipient likes it!


It’s Christmas? Yea, Didnt You Get the Memo?

I have just shipped our last big order. 2012 Calendar refills to The Elegant Setting in Southampton. If you have it on your list, call asap as this is the last shipment before Christmas and I know there is already a waiting list!

I spent the weekend delivering orders. Yes, we deliver! If you are in the Northern Virginia, DC area and needs something in a hurry, we are happy to try to drop off your order. This isnt just a holiday perk, but something we offer all year around. I was happy to meet a client on Saturday in McLean to deliver some photo cards that were ordered on Thrs. Yep, 2 day turn around!! We also made a trip to The Dandelion Patch in Reston and Georgetown. The sleigh/car filled with holiday orders.

Also a big order was dropped off to Georgetown Paperie on Sunday. It was for hostess and teacher gifts, our new 4 x 4 150 sheet notepads. They looked amazing! So much in fact I am ordering mine tomorrow for the boys’ teachers and a hostess gift for a cookie exchange on Thrs.

Now, I MUST MUST MUST finish decorating my house and tree and take out my Christmas dishes. The Hallmark holiday ornament says only 12 days left! Tick Tock.

PS. Do you know what movie line the title of this blog is from? Its a good one!

PSS I have a great idea for a gift for the teacher from the kids- I will blog about it tomorrow.