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Do you remember our blog post from January where we were busy working over the weekend on a gift for  a big celebrity? Did you guess Shondra Rhimes? Since that post she has not only added another amazing show (Scandal) on ABC to her already impressive line up which included Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice but also a new baby she adopted, Emerson.  Thanks to Shondra Rhimes for her Hampton Paper shout out on Twitter!


A Little Bit Country

You know I love all the girls from my fav show 90210. I am so excited about Hampton Paper Fan Jennie Garth’s new show, A Little Bit Country that airs tonight on CMT. Will we see some of Jennie’s favorite Hampton Paper products like the correspondence cards or Santa stickers we made for her kids? Ohh I would like to think so. A girl can dream right?  Have a great weekend!


Will You Be Watching?

Will you be watching the final episode of the RHWBH tonight? I will be glued to the TV. This season has really been a roller coaster ride. I love this show – not just because Kyle Richards is a fan of Hampton Paper but truth be told, its just addictive!
My fav parts this season:
Watching the relationship struggles between Kyle and Kim (they seem real!)
Adrienne: Her cold and dismissive interaction with her husband is always surprising and cracks me up. (he’s a surgeon for goodness sake – not some unemployed looser)
Camille: She has really grown on me this season, she seems to have such a much better sense of herself and worth that she seems to better connect and support the other women – plus she really knows how to dress – clothes and jewelry she wears the good stuff and I for one appreciate it!
Taylor: Her story is just plain heartbreaking.
Brandi: No comment .
Dana: I dismissed her after the 20k sunglasses comment – I mean who says stuff like that?
Lisa: The jury is still out for me on this one. She seems to be a class act but can be a little caddy. I guess that’s why she is on the show. Cant wait to see Pandora’s wedding.


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