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Meet the Class of 2025: Back to School Party Revealed

Somebody said “Best Party Ever” again this year at our 2nd annual Back to School Party but this year it wasnt one of the guests, it was me! Seriously, I totally recommend this party to everyone who has kids in school -especially if your child is in kindergarten. What a great way to meet the kids and parents and start to build relationships in your school community. I know every one is super busy on the weekends, sports, parties, errands etc so I was so apprecitive that so many people attended. (they must have heard through the grapevine about my candy bars and goodie bags!!). I did the party as an “open house” style so people could stop by anytime as their schedule allowed and say hello, grab some pizza and dessert and be on their way if needed. Well wouldnt you know, people arrived early and stayed the entire time. I heard multiple parents comment on what a good idea the party was and how much they enjoyed the opporutnity to meet the other parents.

I did my usual candy bar plus a table with the goodie bags. Details are all below in case you wish to replicate any of the party.

I will share a few photos that I took myself so I must admit it was alot at the end trying to get everything ready and snap photos given my amateur status. I found that taking photos of glass is initself a challenge and of course the weather was partly cloudy so I would get ready and then the light would change dramatically!! scream

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions! Happy to help you plan your next party.




Invitations. I used the HPD graduation cap image and just did the year the kindergartner’s will graduate – in our case 2025 but you can use this same them and just change the date. It’s a great conversation piece as to look ahead at a date 13 years from now and the concept that goes with it– it is alot of fun! I did these on correspondence cards, vertically. 24 for $40.00 and can be ordered here.

Candy Table:
As always rushed for time and doing everything 2 days before I ran to Target to get the candy. My theme was primary colors which made it pretty easy. If you have seen my candy bars in the past, you know that I ususally spend hours sorting candy by color. No such luxury this time around. Hopefully I am the only one who noticed!! I purchased, Skittles, M&Ms, Smarties, Sour Patch Kids, Starbursts, Kisses and the candy table favorite, Ring Pops. I used the jars that I purchased at Target a few years ago. They are inexpensive and great to keep on hand as you can reuse them. The scoops are from Sur La Table.

For the labels, I did HPD 2.5 round stickers which you can find here with an image and mounted them on cardstock I purchased at Michael’s. I added a ribbon and used double sided tape to adhere. Very easy.

For the Cupcakes I used the same 2.5 rounds sticker mounted and purchased cupcake sticks at Michaels. They are by Wilton and in the cake decorating section if you havent purchased them before. I ordered the cupcakes from HolyGanache. They were delicious and I was so happy to have cupcakes that didnt have colored frosting sprayed on like I had at the firetruck party!

I needed a bit in inspiration on my candy table once I had it set up. I reached for my copy of Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas and sure enough I saw her polka dot party and decided to create some colored circles. It was just what the table needed!

I learned my lesson (no pun intended) last year as I tried to buy supplies for the party in August. It was a huge mistake. Did you hear about the woman camped outside of Target in July the day before the schools supplies went on sale? Ummm it was me. ( just kidding). In all seriousness I purchaesd the supplies on the day they were put out on display. It was July I know but everything was available and on sale (super cheap) and last year I had to travel to all Targets in a 50 mile radius ( ask my husband – he will testify as I made him drive me!) to get the supplies and a wood ruler was nowhere to be found!!

I included the supplies below, ruler, markers, crayons, scissors, notepad and glue. Total per box was less that $5.00


Lily’s Candy Bar Party

No detail was left to chance on Lily’s Candy Bar Party. Inspired by a love of Dylan’s Candy Bar, my friend Kim set out to recreate her famous candy bar party. Months or ordering, coordinating and organizing lead to this spectacular 9th birthday celebration that has been the talk of the town! Each place setting was a masterpiece in in itself and the coordination of all the colors – so perfectly done. The party included a Step and Repeat ( my favorite) for photos along with fun accessories for getting dressed up, chocolate bar, candy bar, snow cones, frames to decorate and fabulous little buckets full of girlie goodies including nail polish and lip gloss. What a fun and fabulous celebration!

Adorable star lollipops and sheets of dots lined each plate.

Can you see these candy straws? Ummm LOVE!!
Striped fabric completed the look of the table. We added HPD Medium Round Stickers to the cups to tie into the theme. Did I mention we worked for hours the night before??!!

Candy bar for about 30 seconds…
Love this display of Rock Candy.
If you are planning a candy bar – marshmallows is a great way to fill up a big jar.
Don’t blink at this candy table or you will miss the candy is how I felt one the girls arrived. They made a bee line for the table and grabbed the bag with their name on it and filled it to the top. Literally 5 minutes and the candy table was “no more”. I think that’s the way it should be!
We made tags for the candy with HPD large round stickers. I am glad had little helpers with the Small Round Stickers on the Hershey’s Kisses.

This girls went crazy for these little buckets filled with goodies.  Love the 8 ball. “Will the party be a huge success?” ” It is decidedly so!”

Kim purchased wood frames and stickers and markers for the kids to decorate. The girls could then put a photo from the step and repeat in the frame after the party. Great idea!!

A great shot of the birthday girl, Lily, and her mom in front of the custom step and repeat. I have no idea how Kim looks so fab as I mentoined it was a late night and an early wake up to get everthing ready on time! We used the 2 lollipop images along with the invitations to make the Step and Repeat.

This cake was AMAZING!!! Our only recommendation is that the baker use spell check next time! (check out how Birthday is missing a letter!!!)

One of my fav pictures – Lily, Lauren and long time friend, Ella. Beautiful girls!
Mommy and birthday girl – photo strategically taken to edit out part of the cake.
Little sister Lauren  all dressed up and ready to party!

Birthday Girl – All Smiles! What are we going to do next year?
New Stripe Style for Hampton Paper Invitations.

Thanks to Kelsey Gerhard from  Kelsey Gerhard Phototraphy for allowing us to post her amazing photos that captured the party.

Invitations, Stickers on Cups, Goodie Buckets and Candy Bar from Hampton Paper Designs.