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Make Your Own Calendar – Q & A

We are happy to hear you all loved the idea of Make Your Own Calendar for 2013. There were a few inquiries based on yesterday’s blog so…. let me clarify….
The product is a 12 month desk calendars printed on white heavy stock paper. The months and dates are printed in grey. The pages measure 6 by 6 inches.
The calendar comes with the 2013 calendar & a hand made silver easel in a gift box. 
The refill is for those of you who have purchased in the past and just want the calendar.
We have several templates available for you to choose from. The 2013 Calendar is what we have selected for next year. You can use one of ours, modify one of ours or start from scratch and make your own. You can also order multiple copies of your custom calendar. 
The image on each month is embellished by hand giving it a little and in some cases a lot of sparkle!
Here are a few we have created. Guess what, we want to hear from you too! As I noted in my blog yesterday, I love to see the images our clients choose! Share with us your image picks for 2013 and we may just create a calendar suggestion based on your selections.
HPD 2013
The options are now located on the top left hand side of our web site.
 Traditional Holidays
 Animals 2013 Calendar

  For Men






Thinking of Summer

I am thinking of summer as Memorial Day is just around the corner. I think this new shells image will be perfect for August in our 2013 desk calendar.

All That Glitters

Every year there is a mad rush to create more of our best selling calendars. When you see them in person, you will know why. Each month showcases an image that is hand embellished. There is still time to order for 2012. We have a limited quantity ready to ship so dont delay!

HPD Calendar and Refill avail on line or on Etsy.


I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

My Busy Week Calendars are now available on Etsy! I had a draft done and did what any good shop owner would do, got feedback from my target audience and made adjustments accordingly. Madeline who is 10 suggested the horse, cell phone, peace sign and gumball machine. MacKenzie who likes what her big sister Madeline likes also suggested the cupcake! I must say these additions were exactly what the calendar needed.

I know its shocking that I have released the girl version first – dont worry my friends who are moms of boys…should have that version completed soon!


Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

Umm no, definitely not in my world, Perfectville. I am finalizing the 2012 calendars. I just love, love, love they way they have turned out. There were many iterations before the final. I know it may seem easy – choose a few images that corresponds to the given month and call it a day but… its actually more complicated that that! The selection of the images is actually challenging. There are a couple of considerations, image with each month, images back to back, overall colors from month to month. Image size and scale to ensure balance. An last but not least, the glitter is colors have to be just right! Here is an example. I am just finishing the cal – will post shortly. You will love it too!

Not sure if you can see from the photo but the bottom sun only has yellow. I added some orange glitter to the top one to give it some color and more definition. Now, its just right!

For the pink Popsicle I used dark pink (on the top) and light pink (on the bottom). The light pink reads better – more subtle and doesn’t steal the show!

HPD 2012 Calendars 64.00w with box and 8 inch sliver stand

Refill 32.00 Calendar Only.