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Meet the Class of 2025: Back to School Party Revealed

Somebody said “Best Party Ever” again this year at our 2nd annual Back to School Party but this year it wasnt one of the guests, it was me! Seriously, I totally recommend this party to everyone who has kids in school -especially if your child is in kindergarten. What a great way to meet the kids and parents and start to build relationships in your school community. I know every one is super busy on the weekends, sports, parties, errands etc so I was so apprecitive that so many people attended. (they must have heard through the grapevine about my candy bars and goodie bags!!). I did the party as an “open house” style so people could stop by anytime as their schedule allowed and say hello, grab some pizza and dessert and be on their way if needed. Well wouldnt you know, people arrived early and stayed the entire time. I heard multiple parents comment on what a good idea the party was and how much they enjoyed the opporutnity to meet the other parents.

I did my usual candy bar plus a table with the goodie bags. Details are all below in case you wish to replicate any of the party.

I will share a few photos that I took myself so I must admit it was alot at the end trying to get everything ready and snap photos given my amateur status. I found that taking photos of glass is initself a challenge and of course the weather was partly cloudy so I would get ready and then the light would change dramatically!! scream

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions! Happy to help you plan your next party.




Invitations. I used the HPD graduation cap image and just did the year the kindergartner’s will graduate – in our case 2025 but you can use this same them and just change the date. It’s a great conversation piece as to look ahead at a date 13 years from now and the concept that goes with it– it is alot of fun! I did these on correspondence cards, vertically. 24 for $40.00 and can be ordered here.

Candy Table:
As always rushed for time and doing everything 2 days before I ran to Target to get the candy. My theme was primary colors which made it pretty easy. If you have seen my candy bars in the past, you know that I ususally spend hours sorting candy by color. No such luxury this time around. Hopefully I am the only one who noticed!! I purchased, Skittles, M&Ms, Smarties, Sour Patch Kids, Starbursts, Kisses and the candy table favorite, Ring Pops. I used the jars that I purchased at Target a few years ago. They are inexpensive and great to keep on hand as you can reuse them. The scoops are from Sur La Table.

For the labels, I did HPD 2.5 round stickers which you can find here with an image and mounted them on cardstock I purchased at Michael’s. I added a ribbon and used double sided tape to adhere. Very easy.

For the Cupcakes I used the same 2.5 rounds sticker mounted and purchased cupcake sticks at Michaels. They are by Wilton and in the cake decorating section if you havent purchased them before. I ordered the cupcakes from HolyGanache. They were delicious and I was so happy to have cupcakes that didnt have colored frosting sprayed on like I had at the firetruck party!

I needed a bit in inspiration on my candy table once I had it set up. I reached for my copy of Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas and sure enough I saw her polka dot party and decided to create some colored circles. It was just what the table needed!

I learned my lesson (no pun intended) last year as I tried to buy supplies for the party in August. It was a huge mistake. Did you hear about the woman camped outside of Target in July the day before the schools supplies went on sale? Ummm it was me. ( just kidding). In all seriousness I purchaesd the supplies on the day they were put out on display. It was July I know but everything was available and on sale (super cheap) and last year I had to travel to all Targets in a 50 mile radius ( ask my husband – he will testify as I made him drive me!) to get the supplies and a wood ruler was nowhere to be found!!

I included the supplies below, ruler, markers, crayons, scissors, notepad and glue. Total per box was less that $5.00


Parent Notepads – Just in Case

I am so excited to offer these new Parent Notepads! The idea has been in the back of my mind forever. I always wish I had something like this when I dropped my kids off at camp, play dates, birthday parties etc. They a great for school notes too if you are already preparing for your kids to go back to school.
 I used them last week when my kids were going to friend’s houses for play dates. It was so easy to tear off a sheet and ensure the parents knew who to call “in case of emergency” or just a question. If your kids have allergies, this is a great way to ensure that special notes are properly communicated.
 2 notepad of 50 sheets each are $32.00.  Pads measure 4.25 by 6 inches.


“Best Back to School Party Ever”- Revealed!

Our Back to School Party was a huge success. I heard from one little girl as she was leaving say “Best Party Ever!”. Mission Accomplished!

The Bell Has Run, Don’t Be Late, School Has Started, Let’s Celebrate! Fine invitations always set the stage for a great party your friends won’t want to miss. We used Hampton Paper correspondence cards printed vertically for the invitations and you can too!

I set up a supplies table for the kids so they could get all the staples they need for school!

I used the school bus, pen & pencils and pencils images pulling in these colors for the theme.

I found these baskets at Michael’s and they were great to showcase and display the items.

Colored Pencils and and Colored Markers anchored each side of the table. The labels are HPD large and I added a yellow ribbon.

I was thrilled to find these composition notebooks in yellow/gold. They matched perfectly. I used a large sticker to cover the wording. My boys have been using them to write stories about what happens at school each day. (very insightful!)

Nothing says Back to School more than a #2 pencil…

and a pink pearl eraser! I purchased these jars at Michael’s’ and created the label with HPD large square solid stickers.

I know ipads and e-readers are all the rage but I for one still love holding a book and I think most kids do too! I hope these bookmarks encourage them to read a bit more. They had 3 options to choose from, Bus, Pen & Pencil or Pencils.

I wrapped a bunch of books with brown paper from Michael’s. It was a nice way to give both tables height and worked easily into my theme. I was able to draw on my many years of experience wrapping my text books with brown paper bags – I recall it was the only option in the 80s.

Love the gold tassels on this one!

These large gable boxes were the perfect size to hold the kid’s supplies.

The Host, Thomas.

Thomas with his supply box.

Lily loads her supplies….

I had to include this photo since Lily is sporting from head to toe the much coveted Missoni line from Target.

Thomas, Jackson and I greet our guests at the door. I printed “Welcome Students” and “Please Come In!” on glossy lined school sentence paper from Staples. Just like the invitations, I wanted guests to know as soon as they arrive they are in for a special treat!

I created a pathway with ABC Cards also from Staples. Follow the ABC’s to the best Back to School Party ever!

Framed Print of the School Bus created a great centerpiece on our candy table.

Jackson holds the Hershey bar from the candy table with great patience. It was opened seconds after the photo!

I used Chinese to go containers for the candy bar. I printed the kids names on a small square solid sticker so there wasn’t any confusion on who’s was who’s. HPD will now be offering the containers and stickers as a set so you can purchase both from one place.

Ta Da! The colors and them came together beautifully on this candy table. We featured Twizzlers and Sweedish Fish, Starbursts, M&Ms, Skittles, Lollipops and Hershey’s Bars and Kisses.

Lollipops are a must for my candy tables. I have a reputation to live up to! These are from Hammond’s Candies.

I had 3 jars of Hershey’s Kisses (almost 7.5 lbs yikes). I used a 3 inch round punch to create orange background from scrapbook paper and then added HPD Large Round Stickers and ribbon to make the labels.

Close up of the Kisses with the stickers. I used the pencils, pen & pencil and school bus kiss stickers. (yes, this took forever to do!)

It took two of the gigantic M&M bags to create this jar with only red, yellow and orange. Note to self to create a party theme with all the colors next time!

Skittles. Ditto on the sorting- there was a lot of discarded purple and green!

These were the first to go.

Twizzlers are always a big hit.

Sweedish Fish – My fav.

I had so much fun planning this amazing party. My goal was for the kids and parents to have an opportunity to meet and get to know eachother at the beginning of the year and I think we succeeded!

The kids played Legos, worked on a fun “about me ” project and watched a movie.

I spent well over a month planning this party and it was worth it. I will detail out for you next week how to make the candy and supply tables. I know it looks like I spent a fortune, but between you and me, I really didnt!

Vendor Supply List

Invitations 24 for $40.00
Sq Solid Personalized Stickers and Chinese To Go Containers 27 for $38.00
Kiss Stickers 1 sheet/ 108 stickers 12.00 (each add’l sheet $6.00)
Round Stickers (for candy table) 24 for $18.00
Large Framed Prints $60.00
Large Sq Stickers on Supply Table 18 for $18.00
Small Sq Stickers on Supply Table 27 for $18.00
Hershey Bars and Wrappers 25 for $75.00 (personalized wrappers 25 for $31.25)
Bookmarks with Tassels $2.50 each (can be personalized at no add’l charge)
Lollipop Stickers Medium Round 30 for $12.00

School Supplies
Candy Jars
Candy for Candy Table
Glass Containers on Supply Table
Brown Paper on Books
Table Cloths
Fabric Back Drops
Learning Line Sentences
ABC Cards


Back To School Party Photos Coming Soon!

Thomas, Jackson and I greet our guests as they arrive for the Back to School Party.

James of James Woo Photography knows I always need a sneak peak of the photos and this is what he sent. I should have all the photos next week. I will break down how to make the candy table and supplies table. Both were very easy and inexpensive. I will share my tricks of the trade and shopping sources. Have a great weekend.

PS. This white blouse is from my fav designer Charlotte Brody. Simple, elegant and made to order it offers amazing investment pieces. You will never have to worry someone is wearing the same thing you are!

PSS. I did try to get Thomas and Jackson to dress alike, Thomas wanted no party of it. Ohh to be independent at 8.

The Devil is in the Details- T -1

Not quite sure why I still have so much left to do. My list keeps growing instead of shrinking.

Greg wanted to know if I wanted to change prior to this photo. (perhaps he doesn’t like my new Jcrew weekend wear?)

Bows around the scoops. It just has to have one!

Sticking name tags on the goodie boxes for the school supplies.

Stickers for the Candy Boxes.

If I was 8, I would be thrilled to enter a party and see my name on a big favor box! Need to run to Michael’s for more ribbon. This sea foam green paint (which was there when I moved it) clashes with my party colors, do you think there is time to paint?

Yippee, Target replenished some school supplies and finally there was enough Elmer’s glue ( I need atleast 25 bottles). What says back to school more than glue and pencils? I had to have it. Seriously I think I was the only person there that wasnt after the Missioni clothes but believe me I snatched up this glue with similar enthusiasm!


Back To School Party T-6

We are down to less than one week. I am not as far along as I had hoped due to some time sensitive orders that had to go out. I hope to make up some time tonight! Sorry the pics aren’t the greatest quality ( I was rushing and I am a terrible photographer). There are some great ideas here that can be used across multiple party themes.

Love the way the stickers match the composition notepad perfectly!

The large square labels are the perfect size for these baskets.

Always my fav, Hershey bars. They went quickly at the last party once the kids discovered what was inside!

Cupcake toppers. I am going to order white frosting and just add orange sprinkles. I am still a bit unhinged from the red spray painted cupcakes from the firetruck party. (when did red frosting become spray painted white and not actual red frosting? Horrifying. The photos still make me cringe)

The photo doesn’t due this justice! It looks so great in person. I hope these bookmarks will encourage some good reading this year for the kids.

I copied this idea from someone. Cant quite remember who but if it was your idea and you are reading this, thank you!


And Then….It All Comes Together

Would it surprise you to hear I had more than a few sleepless nights thinking about my Back to School Party? I knew I had the basics covered but it just wasn’t quite coming together right. Fortunately, this morning I came up with a good idea that I think will pull everything together….perfectly! I thought to use these wood baskets to hold the items on the supply table.

I shared this idea with my husband, Greg, and he just didn’t seem to have the same level of excitement. Help me out here..I know some of you ladies can relate to the excitement of finding something so right for your party! Greg responded that he didnt understand why we couldn’t just lay the items on the table. Ummmm, I don’t know where to begin on that one! It makes me think of Rodger from The Rachel Zoe Project and when he cant understand Rachel’s obsession with a particular dress. When you get your mind set on something, nothing else will suffice!

I found these baskets at Michael’s today. Perfect to hold the pencils, markers and crayons on the supply table. I need to add a sticker on the front on top of the ribbon.

Yay! They fit perfectly!

Love this fabric for the backdrop of the candytable. Its from Joanne’s fabric. Did you see it on One Kings Lane yesterday too? Also thinking burlap for some reason might be great and go with the theme.

These jars I purchased at Michael’s are great to display the bookmarks. A ribbon and a sticker will make these glass jars pop!

I found these at Staples today. I am going to write the kids names on them and arrange them around the front door. Wont the kids love seeing their names when they arrive? What a warm welcome. (These are actually sentence strips that I cut down to size in case you go to look for them. They are located by the teacher supplies)

I found these alphabet cards at Staples that I plan to use as a walk way guide to the party from the front door. They go so perfectly with the theme.


Back to School: Cake Idea

Love, love , love this cake idea from the Sept issue of FoodNetwork Magazine. I totally cant wait to make it for my back to school party….. I mean have my husband or sister in law make it!


Back to School: Family Calendar

This is the must have accessory for a busy family to get ready for back to school.

What day is today? What are we doing today? How many days till we go to the movies? Are these questions you field every day? I do and I love to share the week’s agenda with my kids. It’s a great way for everyone to get organized and for my children to visually see and understand what we are going to be doing for the week.

I love it too as I can quicky see at a glance where everyone is and as a busy working mom, make an attempt to not forget something that has to go into school on a certain day or an imporant event. For example, show and share day and topic, green shirt day etc. (you know how easy it is to overlook these events and the amt of guilt that is carried when you miss it)

Hampton Paper’s Calendar is adorned with some of our best selling images that reflect some of the activities you and your family will be doing each week.

Personalize with 5 names and a “Notes” section or up to 6 names. Feel free to include your pet’s name – we know they are part of the family too!

(30) 8 1/2 by 11 pages bound. $28.00. Aslo available on Etsy too.


Back to School: Buddy Cards

Love, Love, Love these new Hampton Paper Buddy cards for kids!! They are great for your children to stay in touch with friends they have made at camp, kids they meet in school or at sporting activities. Exchanging these cards will ensure an easy way for them to set up time to hang out with on the weekend.

Hampton Paper Buddy Cards 27 for $28.00. Envelopes included.

Red Race Car on Etsy

Pink Phone on Etsy