Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

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mika_300_tx_houLike many of you, I am trying to wrap my head around the massive devastation that Hurricane Harvey has inflicted upon Texas.

With that in mind, we want to help!

For every order of our gift-wrap that features the State of Texas* (painted by me!) purchased by 9/30/17, Hampton Paper Designs will donate 30% of the profits to a local Houston Food Bank

I chose the gift-wrap for a very specific reason. Typically, in situations like this,  the event is top of mind for everyone when it happens and then as time passes, people not directly affected tend to forget about it. It is understandable. I think the gift-wrap idea will serve as a friendly reminder for all of us, long after this is no longer headline news, that help is still needed. The level of impact is well above the $1B range. These people will be recovering for years.

As for me, I tend to choose a “theme” for my holiday gift-wrap each year and I can think of no better theme than to use this paper. It is as simple way for me to remind people in a few months from now to think about the victims. Maybe you will like this idea too!

*State of Texas image is under “All Images” and “New Images.”


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