Tracking My Progress: 31 Things in March

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I must confess I was a bit nervous writing and publishing this list of things to do.   I was worried I would feel obligated to get the things done but I am happy to report that this hasn’t been the case at all. I have found what it has enabled me to do is prioritize a few things that I have not just needed to do, but wanted to do.

I doubt I will be able to get all the items checked of my list but I still consider the exercise a success. I believe in setting high goals. This quote beautifully captures how I feel.

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” Michelangelo

Here are a few of my thoughts on the activities I selected.

First, how gorgeous does The Quogue Club look for a trip? I am very excited to stay at this hotel.

Second, I was dreading sorting through old photos. I felt it would be too much pressure to make so many emotional decisions but it but it has been much easier and more therapeutic than I thought. My goal was around reducing the number of storage boxes.

A few things made the process easy:

  •  I am 100% sure I no longer need the little individual photos of people from 6th grade.
  • In 2003 when Thomas was born,  photos were in film format so I have duplicates and triplicates of the same photo. (remember when for $1.00 more you got double photos?) And, to add to it, since it was film and I was trying to get one picture of a baby that moved with a camera that wasn’t state of the art, I basically took 24 photos to get one shot.
  • If you were a bride in the late 90s like me, chances are you thought disposable cameras on the tables was very important.  I remember the expense for this,  as it was not insignificant. It was about $225 for the cameras plus the cost of developing the film. Of all the pictures there is maybe one worthy of keeping and I am being generous here. The quality is terrible and most are random pictures of the room.

Third, I know I was a bit negative on the yoga experience but I must tell you I really did enjoy it. I signed up for 10 more classes. Like I said in the blog, it really did make me feel better.  The other thing I liked was the ability to track my own improvement not just from class to class but by doing the same movements a few times during the class. If you have ever considered it, I would recommend giving it a try.

Here is how I am doing on my list:

  1. Deliver Girl Scout Cookies to shelter. 
  2. Read 2 books from my bookshelf. Currently reading Sprinkle Glitter on My Grave by Jill Kargman. Next up Never Broken by Jewel. ( I didn’t finish the Jewel book, too depressing)
  3. Sort through and clean up photos. I am working on this but not done yet.
  4. Plan a trip to the Big Apple with my son Thomas as he wants to “be a tourist”.  
  5. Remove my AMEX from my wallet
  6. Go to a movie (Table 19 is terrible!)
  7. Make a list of cities to go visit (Thomas’ idea), after NYC we have Philly and Boston on our list.
  8. Finalize Hampton Paper images for 2018 desk calendar.
  9. Volunteer. (Scheduled to make lunch at the Reston shelter on 3/28.)
  10. Review and understand all finances. Work on controlled spending.
  11. Take a combination of 8 walks and bike rides. ( 1 10 mile bike ride)
  12. Visit Great Falls. 
  13. Donate to Purple Heart.
  14.  Indulge in a Crème Egg (note to self: indulgence not to exceed 10)
  15. Try Logic Eye Treatment (Local ladies, I had this done at Christie Adams Salon in Great Falls. If I looked 35 when I went in, I looked 25 when I left. The simple procedure reduces dark circles, lines and puffiness and gives you a nice little lift.)
  16. Go to the bookstore . I bought the new Tony Robbins book.
  17. Take a trip to DC (outside of Caps game). I really want to go have a drink at the Trump Hotel as the building is the Old Post Office. It is a beautiful landmark. I also haven’t been to the Cherry Blossom festival in years.
  18. Make a trip to Chic Envy to consign items I no longer wear.
  19. Write summer book reading list.
  20. Try Yoga.
  21. Row 1,000 M in 5 min.
  22. Learn 10 new vocabulary words.
  23. Add three more items to Tradesy.
  24. Do some research on my family history. (Thomas’ idea) Please let me know if you have any recommendations on any of the ancestry web sites.
  25.  Draft Holiday Press Kit.
  26. Reach out to 5 people I haven’t spoken to in a while. (4/5)
  27. Go out to lunch 3 times. ( 1/3)
  28. Plan and finalize weekend get-a-way with my VBFF.
  29. Release 3 new HPD Products (2/3)
  30. Get SF Ranger Badge. (This is a lofty goal but as Herb Brooks said “Well, Lou, that’s why I want to pursue it.”)
  31. Add new songs to my iPod.


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