Yoga: Simple & Easy

Saturday, was my first day trying Yoga. I think I can confidently say I have found something that easily fits on the top of my list of things that are completely out of my comfort zone. If you have met me, you know I am totally transparent and every emotion I am feeling is displayed across my face. So, to give you a good idea of me at Yoga, think Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride. It was all I could do not to leave before the class even began!

I think Yoga’s tag line should be “The longest hour and a half of your life”. And, they should warn you ahead of time that “rest” really means lie on your back and then do a straight leg sit up. Clearly, it is misleading!

Here is what I liked about Yoga:

  • The room was warm.
  • You are not suppose to talk in the room. (Loved this as there was no awkward conversation required before class.)
  • When the instructor said “This will be our last pose.”

Here is what I did not like about Yoga:

  • I brought a mat but I was supposed to bring a towel and a towel is mandatory so I had to rent one. (Yuck)
  • The web site told me, as a first timer,  to arrive 20 min early. I had already filled in the forms online and paid, so I was feeling like I had wasted 20 min.
  • I apparently have no idea the difference between my left and right*.
  • I also have trouble identifying how to put my palms up or down.
  • The locker room was tiny and very crowded.
  • You take off your socks and shoes. (This presents a problem for someone like me who then starts to contemplate how I am going to use the restroom without walking on the bathroom floor without shoes.)
  • The room was warm and there were many very sweaty people near me.
  • I think someone next to me was wearing only underwear.
  • I had a hard time understanding the movements and there was little coaching on the levels.
  • There isn’t a clock in the room.

In all seriousness, I am really glad I tried it. After, although dripping with sweat, I felt calm and relaxed. Stretching my muscles felt really good and I felt I was able to focus on things better all day long.

*This was very embarrassing as the instructor kindly said “Kristin, left, left, left” over and over again until I seem to get it right!  Add to the embarrassment, after I did finally identify the limb on the proper side, she followed up with “simple and easy”!

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