The Reluctant Hockey Mom

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As my son and his team wrapped up another hockey season I must say I am ever so proud of the boys and even a little* proud of myself! I made these personalized Hershey bar wrappers for the end of year party. They were a big hit!

These boys have worked so hard this year. I have witnessed their tireless efforts and the development of their skills. They have grown from players skating and shooting as individuals to working together as a team, passing (and really struggling) to passing, shooting and scoring. It was incredible to watch the transformation.

Jackson won the Coach’s Award and I am sure it was well deserved. I am proud that he is so dedicated and accountable. At a recent game the other team scored and he skated by the goalie to say something. I inquired later and I asked what he said to the goalie, Jackson replied “It was my fault.” and it was. Love that. I also noticed how he looks the kids in the eye when he shakes their hands at the end of the game.

As for me, I went from attending the games and only watching Jackson play to learning to enjoy the game and following all the players. I still sometimes dress like summertime Barbie, but I have broken my “no Uggs out of the house” rule and tried to fit in.( This is because the Haymarket Ice House is officially “the coldest place on earth”).   I still have a long way to go but I must at least look like I belong as people always seem to turn to me with their inquiries. It goes something like this…

Random People: “Are these Mites or Squirts?”

Me: “I don’t know, they are ’07s.” (meaning the kids were born in 2007)

Random People: Follow up question about the players.

Me: ” I don’t know, they are 10.”

Random People “When is the Zamboni coming out?”

Me “I dont know.” (What I am thinking is, Do I look like I work here?!!!)

*I was pretty proud my son had scored so many goals during the season given he plays defense only to learn last week from one of the moms that he plays offense.  Sigh...

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