I must admit I am a bit new to the whole Netflix and binge watching phenomenon because truth be told, I have a hard time sitting down for an hour and concentrating on a show. I easily get distracted and find I watch about 5-7 minutes before I am distracting and doing something else. However, with that said, I do love documentaries and here are three I watch recently and recommend. (I’d love your recommendations too!).

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There are some shocking stats in this documentary on how much we consume and why. Our houses are so much larger than 50 years ago and yet the storage business is booming! It interesting to see why we are consuming so much these days.


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I LOVED this documentary. There are so many interesting facts about how and why Warren Buffett is so successful. I think many may surprise you. Also, loved that both he and Bill Gates were asked one word to describe what helped them most and they both wrote down the same word. (Focus)

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Who Took Johnny is heartbreaking and also very interesting and this case really changed how missing children cases are handled.  (Netflix).

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